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Important stuff to know

Some important things to read & understand before booking our services, our terms and conditions:

To make a booking with Topless Cleaning Services, please go to our “contact” page, you can either call, text, email us or complete our contact form and we will respond as soon as possible.

You will need to provide your name, address and what you would like us to attend to. The more information you provide the better for us to provide a more accurate pricing for you.

We will do our utmost to accommodate you with your preferred time and day.

One of our friendly staff members will greet at you at your location, dressed in neat attire*. Upon entrance, if payment has not already been arranged, please finalise the booking with cash. Our staff member will next text through to our security team to advise they have arrived, they will then remove their additional clothing, revealing their topless maid’s outfit and commence your arranged services. For any changes or add-on’s etc, a phone call to our Topless Cleaning Services from our staff member must occur, so that we can invoice this to you. *Please note our staff member’s will be completing your service in flat shoes unless previously arranged.

All services will only be completed within private location, our staff members do not work within public areas.

We strictly provide maid services only, we do not provide sexual services, in any form and under no circumstances is touching allowed.

We will provide a professional maid service with a smile, we expect that you treat all of our staff members with respect, we will not tolerate anything else, payment will not be refunded back with anything relating to intolerable behaviour.

No use of illegal narcotics is allowed near our staff members, any use of illegal narcotics will not be tolerated.

Our service is strictly for people aged 18 and above, minors are not allowed and must not be present.

Unless arranged previously, this is a one person per one of our staff members service.

No recording devices including audio and visual may be used in any circumstances.

We have a contracted security team to assist us at any time.

You will need to make full payment for your booked services either through our online payment page with your preferred card or bank credit to our business account or using Paypal and if you are paying with cash, payment is to be made upon arrival to your Topless cleaner. We do not offer refunds on cancellations, we can however reschedule for one of our staff members to attend at another suitable time. We will do our utmost to accommodate you with a suitable time for you. *Please note a booking fee or full at the time of booking, may be required at our own discretion.

For your own privacy all your details are kept confidential and we do not keep your records on file or in our data base. Please note that we do share your details with our contracted security team only whilst our staff clean your home. Your personal details will not be disclosed or sold to any third party, unless you request or provide permission.

At Topless Cleaning Services we take all attention and precautions, however we do not take any responsibility for our staff’s/sub-contractors and/or clients actions and/or behaviours, including but not limited to any accidents and/or issues that may occur during the cleaning procedure.

You may be asked for feedback on our services and please feel free to provide us with any feedback whether good or constructive, we appreciate all.

Please note Topless Cleaning Services hold all rights to this business, registered in Australia and Spain, business name, domain site and the type of business, no other person and/or third party organisation have any rights to copy any part of it.

At Topless Cleaning Services we will do our utmost to provide a pricing that will not change via the phone and/or email for the services you are requiring, however hold all rights to adjust the initial approximate quote, once of our staff members confirms the work at your specified location, if this is the case, our staff member will call through to our office to confirm and have the work re-invoiced.